Blog (Bike Log)

Here and there

Here is a map of our entire journey and the places we stayed are a pin on the map.




Coast to Coast


Rode in for the last time today from Fishers Landing, NC to Atlantic Beach, NC.  We made it today during a downpour in the rain as we rode to the Atlantic Ocean.  We were escorted by the Moore Head Police Department.  They guided us in for the last 10 miles, blocking off traffic at the stop lights and waving us through.  We also had a pilot police car out in front and one behind with lights a flashing.  We arrive to the beach to see the family cheering us in and hugs all around.  Tyler and I promptly took the bikes down to the water and rode through the surf of the crashing waves.  82 days, 7 tires, broken bike parts and 3,800 miles later and we made it to the Atlantic Coast.  Thanks to friends, Family and good Samaritans we made it, albeit scratched and a few new scars, relatively unharmed.  Thank you to you for those on the road who took us in and even just talked to us.  your kindness was welcomed.  Thanks to the family on both coasts be some of our biggest fans guiding us along the way.  Also a special thanks to our sponsors for there support in gear, food and energy along the way.  Next step is to start editing the footage taken for the documentary.  I have over 600 hours to edit down.  So expect the film to be coming out early next year and I will keep you posted along the way when its done.  Also expect to see some snippets and the trailer to be released here on the blog down the road.  Check out the link below to see our arrival to the beach and our ride in the waves  I will get it up as soon as its done uploading.

Riding the surf


East Coasting


Rode from Kinston, NC to Fishers Landing, NC.  We had a perfect sunny day ride through the coastal plains of North Carolina.


We made our way to New Bern, NC and checked out the downtown scene there.  Very old town filled with American history.   We had dinner downtown and headed out over the draw bridge across the Trent river looking out at the Neuse river.



Wound our way down the back roads to a free campsite at Fishers landing where a battle between the north and the south, during the Civil War happened. The Yankee soldiers made land and fought with the rebels as the artillery came down on the rebel solders from the Neuse river.  The south had to retreat and only one casualty was sustained.  We fall asleep tonight to the looming storm raging to the north of us and is predicted to downpour on we’re we are later tonight, thunder , lightning, the works.  Tomorrow is our last day on the road as we make way for Beaufort, NC and reach our destination on the Atlantic ocean.

Fact of the day: New Bern is the birth place of Pepsi Cola.


Making our way


Sandy trails made our way from Clayton, NC to Kinston, NC.  We ate breakfast  with the  great church going folks of Clayton, NC and they even gave us a jug of sweet tea. A beautiful day to ride the bikes and we are noticing the land around us begin to change.  The red clay in the soil has disappeared and we are seeing more sand.  More signs letting us know we’re getting close to the beach.


We rolled into the town of Kinston, NC and stopped off at the local riverside bike shop.  The owner suggested we head to a local brewery just around the corner called Mother Earth Brewery.  There we got to talking with the staff and found out the bar tender had walked the Appalachian trail.  So we traded stories of our journeys and even got a tour of the brewery it’s self.  We were offered to spend the night a the house of some of the brewmasters and enjoyed the many different beers that Mother Earth Brewery makes.



Southern Hospitality

Traveled from Chapel Hill, NC to Clayton, NC.  Very hot and humid last night so not much sleep was gained, especially when the construction crew next to our tent in the morning started up the chain saw.  So we got an early start for the day.


Had an awesome breakfast at the Waffle House and was on the road soon after.  Traveled on back country roads today but there were so many cars, it was as if rush hour never stopped. Plus it must of had to do with us traveling through south Raleigh, NC (the state capital).  Road past the training grounds for the NC high way patrol and watched them practice pit maneuvers and scream down there closed race track.  It was amazing to watch them drift there track in high speed chase scenarios.


Made our way into Clayton tonight and we stopped at the local gas pump in town to ask for suggestions on where to camp for the night.  Got to talking with the local drivers ed instructor and he and his pastor offered the local Baptist church to sleep in for the night.  We are so grateful and appreciative of the true southern hospitality of Clayton today.


A Day to Celebrate

Started down the road this morning from Pleasant Garden, NC to Chapel Hill, NC with an fire truck escort out of town.  Fire department #3 made way for us as we followed on our bikes Down the road.   It was a fast pace ride following them all the way to the town of Climax, NC till we bid farewell.


With lights and sirens blazing we had quiet the send off, a great town and an amazing experience to say the least.  We took the back roads through the country side, passing mansions houses from the civil war era.  Today, being Tyler’s birthday, we decided to have lunch at Tyler’s Brewery.



We biked through the University of North Carolina and admired the old buildings on campus, many were built at the turn of the last century.  Went out and had a delicious birthday dinner in a restaurant called top of the hill over looking the heart of chapel hill. Chapel Hill is a happening college town with an awesome night life. We enjoyed band after band as we bar hopped.


The styles of music ranging from jazzy blues, pop rock to moon pop. Camping out behind Back Alley Bikes tonight, thanks to the owner graciously allowing us to do.

Fun fact,

The University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill is the oldest public college in the nation.


Continuing down the road
Started back up on the bikes again today, after visiting with family over the 4th of July from Clemmons, NC to Pleaseant Garden, NC.  With family cheering us on we traveled into the country side of North Carolina.
 With a high humidity and high temperatures today the overcast and breeze throughout the day was much appreciated.  Riding over slow rollers and listening to the cicadas and birds singing in the trees we were invigorated for the day. it was a slow start when tylers front brake flew off, but kept cruisin sinçe hes got a spare.
We rode on in from the back country roads and finished the day in Pleaseant Garden, NC.  We went and talked to the local fire department and they are generously allowing us to set up our tent behind the firehouse #3. We had an awesome evening tagging along with the fire crew to a cook out. We rode in the fire truck and hung out with some excellent company. After some BBQ and home made ice cream we cruised back to the station to enjoy the lightning storm.


It has been a great week visiting with family and we have done so much catching up in such a short amount of time.  Today in the Fresno Bee (Fresno, CA) an article will be run in the outdoor section.  It will talk about our journey thus far and pictures from the bike tour to date, make sure to check it out.   The link to the newspaper article is posted below.  The last leg of our journey continues on July 7th of the Atlantic coast as we make way for Beaufort, NC.  The last part of the journey should take us 6 days to complete and we are ready to go, well keep you posted when we go.  Happy celebration for the 4th of July to you.



Today we made the front page of the Clemmons Courier news paper.  It is a great honor and an awesome article.  They interviewers came out today and took pictures.


Front Page

Yesterday Tyler and I were interviewed for the Winston-Salem Journal and today we are posted on the front page of the local newspaper.  Were super excited and are very appreciative for the help from the greater Clemmons, NC community on getting our story out there, and were glad to share our adventures.  Check out the link below to the article, it was very well written.  The article is titled leaving it all behind and can be found under the local news section.


Now Tyler and I have made it to one of our 2 destinations, one being Clemmons, NC and the last final destination being Beaufort, NC, we are going to take some time to visit with family we have not seen in years and have some great times again.  We will be back on the road again soon enough and we will keep all of you posted once were back on the road again to complete the last leg of our journey.



Biked from Winston-Salem, NC to Clemmons, NC.  Made our way to old Salem and downtown.  Up and down the hills, it is striking having the old town be directly adjacent to downtown.  To go from modern to 1788 architectures and attire included is a trip of the mind  and trough time.


Tyler and I made it over to our Aunt’s place of work for lunch and had a great tasting lunch with the staff, telling stories of our travels and what was still to come.  We surprised our cousins at work, did not tell them we had arrived yet in town and caught them off guard and even brought one to tears of joy for our being there.


We made our way out to the house in Clemmons and will being staying there tonight.  It is one thing to be thinking of arriving to one of our destinations that tyler and I had been thinking about this whole trip and a whole mother pleasure actually being there with them and spending time together.


Traveled from Hanging Rock State Park, NC to Winston-Salem, NC.  Had a sweet downhill ride from the top of hanging rock this morning, a good way to start the day. Rode throughout the country side and into town on a leisure 40 miles today.


Stopped off at the first Krispy Kreme we came across.  As we were munching on a dozen donuts one of the marketing managers was there and she was so tokes on our trip that they stuck us on there promotional page for there Facebook, a lot of the locals were commenting on it and saying they saw us on the road today on there way to work.


We watched a movie at a theater today and took a half day.  Later we decided to go to the first Krispy Kreme and and they had some companies t-shirts, sunglasses and krockies waiting there for us.  So now we are rocking the logos throughout the rest of the state of North Carolina and munched down on a dozen hot now donuts to finish the day.  Staying the night in the town of Winston-Salem with some men who are currently going to medical school and working on there clinicals.



On top of hanging rock

Rode from Elkin, NC to Hanging rock state park, NC.


Up and down the hilly country side and found our way out into less and less populated areas.  Passed by pilot mountain and made our way to the base of the state park but the hanging rock mountain was so steep it took us 2 hours to get into the park.


Well worth the effort because the view from the top of the mountain is spectacular so vast that you can see 100 miles in every direction and even into Virginia.


Camping out tonight in the park and taking a well deserved rest after a long, but fulfilling, Ride today.

Fact of the day: Hanging rock is the remnants of the ancient Sauratown mountains


Blue Smoke

Directed our selves off the top of the Stone mountain park, NC down the hill to Elkin, NC.  Rode through thick appellation humidity and fog this mourning so dense that at points on the road you could see no more than 50 ft in front of you while ridding.


Made our way off the blue ridge way and down into the heart of Stone mountain state park.  Saw the raging Stone mountain water fall and no sooner as we walked off the trail and hit the road a downpour drenched us.


Just when Tyler and I though the the ride couldn’t get much more difficult the pavement came to an end and became a muddy gravel road, and the rain came down even with more intensity.  It was quiet the adventure but we made our way back to paved roads and rolled our way into Elkin.


Staying the night in the local park in town and drying our selves out.

Fact of the day: North Carolina home of the wright brothers, first in flight.


Blue Ridge

Started our day being rained on this morning out of Boone, NC to Stone Mountain State Park, NC.  So we decided to duck out of the rain for a bit at the local Cracker Barrel for some delicious breakfast.  We ha d a gentle man come up to us and have a conversation with us.  in the end he ended up giving us a copy of the North Carolina Atlas and Topography of the state, so we have a better way to get around now instead of just using the state map we had before, much appreciated the kindness of strangers.
 Once the rain lifted we made our way to the top of the eastern continental divide and meandered our way to the blue ridge parkway.  Breath taking views from the top of the blue ridge over looking the Appalations and smokey mountains in the distance.
Camping the night on the MST trail next to the Stone Mountain State park in the wilderness.  As we were relaxing in the evening some wild turkeys came up and walked right next to our tent as we were unwinding, truly magnificent.
Fact of the day: This year is the year of the emergence of the 17 year locust here on the east coast and Tyler and I have been seeing and hear them already coming out.


Third times the charm
Trekked our way through 3 states today from Damascus, VA to Boone, NC.  Rode along river valleys over slow rolling hills and flood plains through the Appalations to the Tennessee border.  Made our way through the north eastern tip of the state for 2 hours and then made it to North Carolina.  A great sense of accomplishment came over the both of us as we passed into North Carolina.  To have made it to the last of the 11 states we travel through is nearly overwhelming.  Tonight tyler and I check out the college town of Boone, NC we were offered to stay the night camping in the local bike shop owners yard for the night but instead we are staying with a local on there couch for the evening.  Thanks for the offer anyway Garrett.  Going out to have a beer with the Local hip college crowd at Boone saloon.
Fact of the day: Doc Watson’s home town was Deep Gap, NC just 10 miles east of Boone and where were headed tomorrow.


Riding the crooked road

Rode from Rosedale, VA to Demascus, VA.  Took our time today and enjoyed the ride through Hayters Gap.  A gorgeous day with looming Appalations all around us.


We had this one dog today come out running full force towards our group while ridding today.  The dog was barking its head off.  Maurice, having none of this, yelled right back at the dog.  The dog pivoted in mid stride and headed off on a new direction away from us barking its head off in fear.  This made tyler, maurice and i laugh so hard at this sight, catching us completely by surprise.  One truly had to be there to fully understand the levity of the moment.


Tonight we part ways with our ridding friend Maurice.  He has been such a treat to talk with on this journey, he heads off towards New York and we head to North Carolina tomorrow.  We wished  a safe and fun journey to him as he took Tyler and I out to dinner.  Staying the night in the local hostel, a really nice place with a room to our selves.



The Old Dominion State


Scaled our way from mountain to mountain from Lookout, KY to Rosedale, VA.  The morning started off with clouds rising off of the surrounding mountains with spectacular results.
Crossed the boarder of Virginia today making this the 9th state we’ve crosse into on our journey.  We instantly entered the Breaks Interstate park that is shared by the states of Kentucky and Virginia.
Hiking to a ledge we saw the river in Kentucky that has been described as the Grand Canyon of the south, and rightly named so.  Mad sour way deeper into Virginia and rode along the Priest Fork creek for miles and eventually climbing up and over Big A Moutain, and let me tell you it is properly named.
 It took us an hour to climb but the views were amazing.  Staying the night in a Presbyterian church that has cyclist only lodging and was founded in 1788.  Tyler, Maurice and myself have the whole church to our selves tonight.


New country daily

Traveled today from Hindman, KY to Lookout, KY.  Getting held up on the side of the road due to a sudden thunderstorm that just came down on us.


I was camped out waiting for the torrent to pass out under a tree next to the road as the lightning was striking the mountain tops.  The storm passed as quickly as it came and we were on our way over the Cumberland Plateau.


Wove our way through the hills and watched them turn smokey from the humidity as sit rose up condensed and looked as if the cloud was smoke coming off the mountain.


Rode into lookout tonight and staying with the local Baptist church inside a gymnasium with a local work group who were working on houses for rural Kentucky.  Eating a spaghetti dinner with them tonight and swapping stories.


Tell me it ain’t hot

Booneville, KY to Hindman, KY throughout the appalations.  Up and down the mountains today through the beautiful country towns of eastern Kentucky.


We came across one of the  bike across the us of ms bike tour groups today, a group of  17.  They were headed all the way along the transamerica bike trail.  We headed through  a construction zone today and were run off the road by coal trucks… out that the bridge was out at dwarf, KY so we detoured through hiner, Ky and went along the original trans American bike route.  Rode with Maurice our English friend and had a hot humid day at 96 degreese and 90% humidity.


Staying the night at the historical societies building tonight in Hindman and what a treat.  The host greeted us, as we rode in, with a sweet tea for all of us in hand.




Berea, KY to Booneville, KY was a beautiful ride through the hills of eastern Kentucky.  Weaving through the country side and seeing winding creeks and voiding through the daniel Boone national Forrest.


A warm day to say the least and hotter tomorrow and no relief from the humidity whatsoever, but worthwhile ride and loving every minute of it.


Staying the night camping out back of a presbyterian church with tow lady bikers headed east and our good friend maurice ( the English man) has caught up with us again.  We were all glad to see each other again and went out to dinner together to catch up on the past weeks events since we last met.  The fireflies are out in full force tonight it looks like the entire ground is shooting sparks out into the evening sky.



Burgin, KY to Berea, KY.  started out soggy this morning from last nights down poor, and right off Tyler’s new bike chain broke off.  The key link on the chain popped off on one side and bent the other out of whack.  We were on the side of the road for an hour bending the  pieces of metal back so we could ride on… Once we flattened the chain link out we were good to go.


We can see the Appalachians in the distance and will be in the thick of them tomorrow.  Tonight we are staying in a community house called common roost, it was a coffee shop up till November, all the pieces are still in place. We all hopped in there cars and went up to the nearby swimming hole.


The lady’s made us an excellent gluten free, vegetarian  dinner.  Tried to go to bike shop in the next town over but it was closed.  I still needed a spare bike tire tred so we called around and Ionesco of the locals said he would sell me the tire off his bike so we could be on our way.  A special thanks to George and Jess for getting the tire situation figured out for me, it was above and beyond and I was glad to have the tire.


Bardstown, KY to Burgin, KY
Started the day off ridding the foothills of the appalachians.  The rain started to come down at lunch and kept coming.
Not to mention I had my back tire blow out on the side of my tred.  The tire lasted me since Gunnison, I just guess it had taken enough and enough tred was lost that the structural integrity was gone.
 Got it fixed and will get spare parts in Berea, KY when we get there tomorrow. We rode through Lincoln’s childhood homestead today, where he lived till he was 25.
Lincoln homestead, KY
Staying he night camped out back underneath the car port of a baptist church, to stay out of the rain.


Pickin with the beards

Rode our way into the humidity this morning from Mammoth caves,Ky to Bardstown, KY.  The humidity was so thick this mourning in the cool air it might as well have been fog, no more than 100 yards of visibility.

Humidity at mammoth caves, ky

It lifted within the hour and we were good to go.  Traversed over the foothills of the smokey mountains through a beautiful day, passing by battlefields of the civil war like the battle for the bridge.

imagewe also stopped off and visited the log cabin honest Abe was born.  the national park has enshrined the one room cabin inside a marble building since 1911.



Passing fellow bicyclists, west bound, our count is now up to 65.  Making some 70 miles of ground we found ourselves at the Bardstrom campgrounds. Tyler picked with some of the best bluegrass local musicians in the campground and played the washboard and spoons with the best of them as the fire flies danced all around them.


Fact of the day: Kentucky is the state where Lincoln was born in 1809 and at his birth place the memorial has 59 step, one for every year of his life.


A cave within a cave within a cave

Mammoth cave, KY

Today we explored the most rugged and gnarled caves at Mammoth caves, KY and our 2 months out on the road since we left San Francisco,CA. What an epic day, we spent 6 hours hiking, squeezing, and crawling through the labyrinth below the earth.


We saw rock  formations and cave wild life of jumbo crickets, bats, spiders and beetles. We hiked through caverns as large as 100 ft to the ceiling and squeezed through spaces so tight we’d have to turn our helmets sideways and squeeze our heads through the space while exhaling to get your chest through.  Be sure to check out some new videos posted on the moving pictures page.


Fact of the day: Mammoth caves is the longest cave system in the world at 400 miles long.


Time zone Travelers

Nolan river, ky

Traveled our way from Leitchfield, KY to Mammoth Cave, KY. Passing through the time zones today from central time to eastern time, jumping ahead an hour to find that we crossed the time zone 3 times in the past few hours, we are in central but only 5 miles from the eastern time zone. image The rain from hurricane Andrea came down on us this morning and was a surprisingly warm and extremely humid rain storm, (were talkin 90% humidity). We entered the mammoth cave park on a ferry. image We came around a corner and startled a wild turkey, it flew over the 50 foot tree tops.  We had no idea turkeys could fly so well, anyhow it made for some great footage (thanks to the quick access of the GoPro).  Also saw some ground hogs nibbling on some green grass, these suckers were the size of beavers…  Staying the night in the campgrounds of mammoth cave national park and well be dipping into the cave tomorrow on an exploration that should prove to be pretty wild! after all Mammoth  Caves is the longest cave in the world.  We have updated the where are we page on the blog, take a look and see how far we’ve come and where we’ve been. Entrance to mammoth cave, ky


Started out today from Falls of Rough, KY to Leitchfield, KY.  Made our way through the rolling hills of horse pastures and country side when Tyler called out. image I booked it over to him and his gear shifter on his bike had busted the cable.  Completely unfixable was now stuck in high gear.  We found on the map that the town of Sonara, IL has no bike shop but just 15 miles south of us was the town of Leitchfield with 2 and made our way of map slowly walking up the steep hills to make it over them with the broken bike. image Got the cable fixed with no problem at the local bike shop and replaced our bike chains to boot.  Apparently those were ready to go as well and the bike shop owners were very surprised we were still using them.  All in all it turns out they offered us to stay at there place and into there home and extremely grass hosts.  They even are letting us borrow there jeep tonight to take into town to go to dinner.  A day that could have been rotten turned out to be one of the best. image


Leaders of the pack
Rode from Sebree, IL to Falls of Rough, IL.  In and out of green countryside so thick the sunlight did not touch the ground into farm lands of waving grain.
Traveled 72 miles today and started to see a trend in taller and steeper hills, a prelude of what is to come in eastern Kentucky.
Dipped into the Rough Resivouir at the Axtel campground.  Swimming in the heat of the day was a treat in the brown muddy cool waters and watched the sun go down over the water as we had a campfire next to the tent.  Truly a relaxing evening.
 We keep running into other tourist and the total is up to 55 now and most are headed west.  They keep telling us that we are the first ones they have seen so far on there journeys that have come from the west and all are impressed that we had made it across the desert with snow storms to boot with such an early start in the year.  Something satisfying for Tyler and I about hearing other touring cyclist being impressed with our accomplishment we have archived so far.


From prairie to bluegrass states

Ohio river Started this morning by traveling by ferry from Cave in Rock, IL to Sebree, KY.  Crossing the Ohio river into Kentucky was an experience on a 3 car barge, and not to mention free. Ohio river ferry Made our way through modish country side and talked with one whose last name was Yoder, who was walking down the side of the road to his neighbors house. image Passing through green Forrest growpasture cows out to pasture the day was partly cloudy and perfect for ridding a bike.  Saw lots of wildlife today and even an Alligator snapping turtle sunning himself next to the road. image Staying the night in Sebree at a baptist church where we will camp out in the youth room downstairs and they insisted of giving us supper.


Little Egypt 

Traveled 95 miles today from Carbondale, IL to Cave in Rock, IL. Crab orchard, IL Passed thought the beautiful crab orchard state nature preserve and was amazed at the lush country side. image Up and down rolling hills till we got to the Ohio river at Cave in rock.  Aptly named town for its naturally carved out cave on the bank of the river that was huge. Cave in rock, IL Well camp next to the river tonight and listen to the ferry travel back and forth through the night as we watch the fire flies glow in the evening air cooled by the river. Cave in rock, IL Fact of the day: area is known for fertile land just like the Nile delta because it was made in the same way, hence the name for this area being little Egypt.


Traversed our way from Chester, IL to Carbondale, IL.  Rode down to the Mississippi flood plane and rode on the levee. image The river is swollen and flowing, never seeing the river before it is impressive amount of water moving throughout the area as whole trees floating down It rained all day during the ride.  Passed by a coal processing plant and made our way down the river.  Saw 2 Amish horse and buggies on the road and impressed with the setup they had for the road savvy vehicle.  Staying in Carbondale at a warm shower house tonight where the host Brady made us a steak dinner and we devoured them, so good. Joining them for a German sparkle party. Big muddy river, IL I also must of run over some glass I did not see in the road way because I sliced a gash through my tire tred and tube, heme raging my slime tire all over the road.  I whipped out my spare tire and tube and was back on the road soon enough, I almost made it to the place were staying tonight before the flat, I was only a mile away from my destination.


Mighty Mississippi
 Ozara, MO
Took off from Farmington, MO and rode to Chester, IL.  Started the day off with the kick off celebration of country days (mini fair) in Farmington at a breakfast and music in the park.  Tyler and I got some O.J., cinnamon rolls and some tunes before we hit the rode.
Went thought the country side through the last of the Ozarks and came across a tree that had just fallen across the road and was being cleaned up by some locals to make room for cars to pass again.  The rains have been hard and softened the ground so trees are down all over the place.  The ride today was extremely humid, misting all day. We crossed over the Mississippi river into Chester, IL. Yeeeehaaaaww, things be deferent down here!!!!
Chester, IL
 Staying tonight in a bike shak owned by the eagles bike club division of Chester.  Nice pry place to rest all to are selves and a shower to boot.
Bike shack Chester, IL
The Eagles bike club is throwing there eagle days carnival tonight so we lucked out to be able to eat some great cheap carnival food and listen to some live local bands.

Fact of the day: Chester, IL is home to Popeye the sailor man.


Biking up walls

Traveled from Ellington, MO to Farmington, MO.  It down poured this morning before we left but as we hit the road it lightened up and turned into light showers throughout the day. image A last few big Ozark hills today but soon we emerge following the rivers and found our selves emerged in the greenery of the forested hills.  The weather was even nice enough even the locals came out to fish in the black river. image Tonight we are staying in Al’s place tonight int the old jail of Farmington that has been converted into a hostel.  Tonight it is raining hard outside and enjoying the warm space for a change. Farmington hostel, mo image Al's place Farmington, MO


The calm before the storm

Jack fork, mo

Rolled up and down the Ozarks today from Houston, MO to Ellington, MO.  Traveling through the Ozark scenic river way national park was so green and lush it is a jungle out here. West eminence, mo Breathtaking scenery and topography the hills are steep but short and with the humidity and heat made for a tyring day.  Came across more touring bicyclists today and out total is now up to 35.  Staying tonight at a very inviting warm shower in Ellington where the hosts are superb and even made us dinner. Current river, mo Tyler and I appreciate it so much and were sharing the space with some great blokes, three bicyclists in total. Two from ireland and one from Australia. We’re expecting a greatly storm front to role in tonight  and couldn’t be more stoked. Facts of the day: Houston, MO  has a real drug problem and is considered the most corrupt city in America thanks to drug trafficking. Also west eminence, mo isn’t the home town of the astronaut Tom acres from the discovery shuttle.


Today we decided to take a break and give us some time off.  It has been 12 days since our last so we figured it was time To get the bikes cleaned up and or selves. image Last night a storm was rolling in and a big blast of wind and the support pole split on the tent.  Tyler and I quickly got up and fixed the problem and were good to go now for the next storm.  Tomorrow we get back out there and tackle the next challenge. image


We remember 

Crested the Ozarks today from Marshfield, MO to Houston, MO.  Made it too our highest peak today in Missouri at 1,400 ft.  As we rode on down the road, we biked through Amish country. image It turns out the Amish don’t liked to be photographed.  Tyler and I found our way through the country side and today was a popular day to harvest the hay fields.  We also found a 200 ft fire twitch tower and climbed it to see the surrounding area, great panoramic views. image It being a hot day some locals were taking advantage of the rivers and jumping in. image After 10 minutes of psyching himself up to jump he only ended up doing a huge belly flop.  We’re staying in the Houston city park tonight next to a freeway, hope the traffic dies down at sundown so we can get some sleep.  We take a moment today to remember those who have fought for us to live our way of life today.  Thank you to you all. Fact of the day: the Ozark mountain range is one of the oldest mountain ranges in he world.


Endless shades of green

Climbed up and down the ozarks today from Everton, MO to Marshfield, MO.  Rolling through the green hills and came across the Fairfield, MO swap meet area where a grandfather was taking his grandson out to ride on the families custom race tractor. image The kid knew what he was doing and looked like he had a blast riding around the race track a couple of times.  There is a peculiar smell in the air that is distinctive all on its own.  Road kill lines the roads out here, turtles, armadillo and raccoons. Theres something every 50 yards, and has been this way for a few days now, something well never forget. just before we rolled into Marshfield, MO we came across 2 farmers walking there horses in there recently processed hay field. image They came over and we chatted for a while and talked about how few bicycle riders travel west to east, most go the other way.  We met another rider today so now our count of bike tourists is up to 25 total.  Camping behind a church tonight by the creek watching the thunderheads roll over top.  Only 60% humidity today but tomorrow is supposed to be 84%. Fact of the day: Marshfield, MO is the birth place of the man who created the Hubble telescope.


Stuck to the sky

Took off from Girard, KS and headed to Everton, MO.  Made it across the Missouri Border/ and the terrain is noticeably changing. image Started hitting the slopes of the Ozark mountains and are finding them to be a roller coaster ride of steep short hills.  Green country side with hay crops and cattle grazing everywhere between the luscious green tree bands Lining the many rivers. Cow in lake, Missouri Camping in the park tonight listening to the new sounds of unfamiliar bird calls and crickets into the evening. image


Rolled in from walnut, Ks to pittsburg, KS.  Being on the bikes yesterday for 12 hours we are wore out.  Today there is a head wind of 40-50 mph. we decided to take it slow to give our legs a break hear in Pittsburg This town having 20,000 people is huge compared to what were used to passing through on the trip thus far.  went out to get a taste of some local music and headed out to a bar.  Came  across a local band comprised of 2 brothers a cousin and a childhood friend. We had a blast with these cats! They were a very talented group of guys and we got to hang out with them after the performance. Codys boom pole got caught in his spoke and demolished it.  the bike is fine with nothing bent or even dinged but the pole is done for.  it just got sucked in and thankfully did nothing to hinder the trip. image Really enjoying the mild weather were having now.  It’s supposed to rain so well see.  We’ve just passed our 2,00 mile mark today and loving it. Wheat truck at silo, Kansas Fact of the day: 95% of Kansas’s agriculture is wheat and it shows in the photos.


image Into the wind rolled over the up and down hills from Eureka, KS to Walnut, KS.  Head wind today with a storm rolling in behind us but won’t hit till tomorrow.  Multiple dogs chasing us on the bikes today, a reoccurring them were told to expect down the road. image Biking through pristine rivers and lush green lands.  Armadillos and turtles, bob whites calling in the distance, wild life everywhere.  Staying tonight in the Imanuel Lutherine Church After battering the winds all day. image image


Onto the frontier

Made our way down from Newton, KS to to Eureka, KS.  Traveled out of the wheat farmlands into cattle country . image Did a shorter ride today since we have been doing a lot of century rides, only 78 miles this time around.  Passed a many horses today running out in the pastures.  Classic Kansas skylines with partly cloudy skies and green fields as far as we could see in a 360 degrees direction. image The last part of our ride was all downhill and easy going.  Camping in the city park of eureka tonight and with Maurice our English friend has kept pace and is setting up camp next to us tonight as well.  He is a real treat to talk with.  Sleeping next to the Fall River with the frogs being very loud and soothing,  beautiful river filled with fish and cotton wood seeds falling all over the tent and blanketing the river. Fact of the day: the local Arkansas river though normally pronounced R-Can-Saw, the locals pronounce it R-Kansas.


Traveled from Larned, KS to Newton, KS.  We made a push to do 105 miles today and it was not easy to do.  Passed through wetlands  and there were turtles all over the road. image image The country side was so green and lush it was hard to believe. image Had some trouble with the seat adjuster on Tyler’s bike and the boly head sheared off. So tomorrow were off to replace it but in the meantime Tyler and I had to improvise and we found a bolt and nut on the side of the rode and used that.  To fasten it to the bike we asked a house next to the road to use a screw driver to tighten it down.  We were having a rough day and we asked the house owner how his day was and his reply was shitty.  We said we were sorry to hear that and asked why and he replied “because we’re digging out the backed up septic right now.” so sympathizing with him we borrowed his tools, jury rigged it and we were on our way.  Also our cousin is in the state of Kansas hunting tornados.  He stalks them, comes up real close and shoots them with a camera. He’s seen some good ones down south of kansas and stoked. Tonight were are staying in the Newton fire station and they took us up in there truck ladder, we got to see a beautiful scenic areal view of the town. image image They even let us ride down the fireman pole. image


Bike style Automatic Nematic 

Cruzed on down a smooth 96.5 miles today from Dighton, KS to Larned, KS.  Big day today, not only did we travel nearly another century in miles today, but Larned, KS is the official halfway point of or trip from San Francisco, CA to Beaufort, NC.  Tyler and I are so stoked we decided to celebrate some having a beer and stuffing our selves to the point of bursting at a local buffet.

Wheat field kansas

 The ride was a beautiful partly cloudy day And temperatures in the mid 70’s max.  Slight bit of rain but as soon as it came it went.  Came across a farm that had a sign saying that we were entering the beginning of the 1.5 million acre farm.

1.5 million acre farm Kansas

 There was wheat for as far as you could see, horizon to horizon.  All in all not a bad way to spend the halfway point day of our trip.


 We caught up with our friend Maurice (the englishman) again in Larned and by chance we are camping out next to each other again.  We look forward to talking to each other again this evening.  It was just slow going back to our tent because of our bulging stomaches.

Half rainbow over Larned Kansas


Chasing shadows

Peddled our way from Sheriden Lake, CO to Dighton, KS today.  Traveled From the short grass prairie to the middle and long grass prairie.

 Kansas Slow rollers and a strong tail wind allowed us to make our first century ride today on bicycles (travel 100 miles or more in a day), yeah.  It was a big day because we also transversed over the Kansas boarder as was well as rode into central standard time zone and set our watches ahead 1 hr. Colorado, Kansas border We caught up with the English rider by lunch time today.  Maurice is his name and he is ridding to  New York, NY from San Francisco, CA before his 70th birthday.  He is an inspiring and hilarious person to talk to and we are all camping in the city park of Dighton tonight and sharing our adventures of the same trail we all rode in on and how they differed. Barn in Kansas It’s raining tonight and looking like it might be like last nights crazy electrical storm that rolled in at 2am.  The tightening was so frequent that it seemed like there was a strobe light in the sky and constant rolling thunder.


The Great Plains, us and the Englishman

Got up early, to watch the sunrise catch fire and beat the winds. We headed out from Ordway, CO to Sheridan Lake, CO.  Cloudy skies all around all day but no rain.


We traveled over 80 miles today, it’s easier to get miles in on the plaines.  Came across 3 more touring cyclists today, our total coming to 17 now and there haded west.  Tyler and I keep hearing about an Englishman who is now only a half day ride in front of us. image He is touring across country at age 69 and he is trying to get to the other ocean in time for his birth day.  We are camping tonight in the local church of Sheridan Lake, CO And before we go to bed the locals are practicing there choir and music for service tomorrow.  We’re in for some good times and some gospel tunes.  It will be fun to have some fun after Tyler’s 4 flat tires, in the same tube, today. image


Kia Ora on the Front range

Traversed down hill today into the short grass plains From Pueblo, CO to Ordway,CO.   A blazing hot day, the transition to 98 degrees in the flat lands is quiet the adjustment from our usual  65 degrees in the rockies. Pueblo, co We also had a head wind most of the day, not very strong just enough to slow us down.  Following the Arkansas river we had some trees lining the banks but for the most part grass land as far as the eye can see.  We were chased by our first pack of dogs today but we were fast enough to get away.  Saw trains loaded down with coal all day.  Got slightly detoured from original route but found our way back and got some great shots we would not have gotten otherwise.  Staying tonight in Ordway at a place, owned by a kiwi,  where we can shovel some horse poop to stay the night in our very own RV.  A sweet deal if you ask me. image image fact of the day: Pueblo, CO is home to the guiness book of world records of having the longest Muriel in the world.  It is awesome it is all along the canal through the town. Worlds largest mural, Pueblo, CO


 Into the Plains

Traveled down from westcliffe, CO to Pueblo, CO. image After watching some young foxes wake up in the morning we rode up and over our last Rocky Mountain today and headed out into the front range. image Riding into Pueblo was the end of the western express trail bike trail for us and the beginning of the trans American trail.  Made our way to the sun dance bike shop and they informed us of a bike flag race.  We instantly joined up and rode through pueblo and helped with the event and had a blast. image After words we went to a local restaurant called bingo pizza.  Where we had some delicious burgers and beer. image


Beating the storm out

Took off from Salida, CO and rode to Westcliffe, CO.  Traveled down along the Arkansas river, saw some fly fishermen Fly fishing in Arkansas river, CO and a taken back by the Sangre de Chritsos mountain range. Sangre de christos, co Traveled down a canyon and saw a heard of  big horned sheep on the mountain side. Big horned sheep, CO Headed up the hill at Cotopaxi, CO and traveled along a  beautiful valley filled with deer and the most astounding fragrances we have yet to come across, flowers, grass, trees, and wet earth all in the crisp high mountain air.  We were pushed out of the valley by a tail wind from the building thunderstorm. image With a downhill slope the rains caught up with us only once when we stopped for a bite to eat, but we were able to get back-out in front and stay dry  for the rest of the wet valley ride.  We stopped off at the town of Hillside, CO and picked up a sponsorship package and was talking too the post master.  she offered her sons place to stay for the night in Westcliffe. Sangre de Christos, CO We headed down the rode and met up with the family there.  They had a cozy room waiting for us with picturesque views.  Ending the day with a blazing sunset and young foxes playing in the last bits of sun light. image


Salida (now exiting the Rockies)

We rode in today from Maysville, CO to Salida, CO.  It was a short easy downhill ride and we are thanking the rest of today off to let our legs recover from yesterday’s summit ride.

Rockies near Maysville, co

Staying tonight in Salida itself and we have decided to warm shower tonight hot and we are staying with a very generous gentleman who is very welcoming and we are so appreciative of him hosting us for the night.


Saw kayakers in the Arkansas river today and ran into another bike tourist from Germany who was biking from Georgia to san francisco.


We trade stories and advice before we went on our ways.  Looking forward to getting back on the road tomorrow and we are checking out the local downtown scene of Salida, should be fun.

Woods brewery Salida, CO


Climbing into the sky

Today we climb to the to the foot of monarch pass from Gunnison, CO.  Our tallest mountain on the entire trip and it is the continental divide to boot. Continental divide, CO A beautiful day writing to the foot of the mountain and only one rain shower left us hunkered under the pine trees for a quick fifteen minutes on the way up. image As will testing as the ride was Tyler and I were having a blast and singing all the way up the mountain side.  The snow on the ground started at around 9,000 ft and covered the ground all the way to the top at 11,312 ft. image Such a rewarding view of the mountains on the back side.  Now that were over the to we’ll be following the rivers that are now flowing to the Atlantic Ocean instead of to the Pacific. Tonight we took shelter next to the south fork of the Arkansas river inside an old abandoned log cabin next to the town of Maysville,CO. Log cabin Maysville, co A picturesque spot nestled in between a grove of aspen trees and watching the elk in the field across the river. Fact of the day: make sure to take lots of breaks while biking in high country altitudes to prevent hyperbolism (extreme altitude sickness).


Funny gunny

Decided to take the day off to give our legs a rest before we tackle the continental divide tomorrow.  So we posted the bikes up in a hostel in Gunnison, CO to take a bus ride up to Crested Butte, CO.  Talk about a beautiful area and we walked all over the downtown area. Crested Butte, CO We took a quick ride up the mtn. Crested butte it’s self and hike up the ski slope area and got some amazing picks. image Staying at the hostel in crested butte tonight and ran into another kiwi on tour.  It is funny to us that we have run into 2 people from New Zealand in one week.  Jim is mountain biking in the western USA and is loving the area as much as we are.  Also when calling around town looking for places to stay we talked to a gal who was originally from the same area we grew up in out side of the Fresno area and recently moved here herself.  We are off to have a beer with her and have some dinner she offed to make for us tonight.   Also today my bike got a fatty flat and busted the tred as well. image Luckily I had all the parts and fixed it up quick. Fact of the day: Crested butte, CO is the home to the mountain bike and where it was originally created.  There is a museum here and everything. 


Nomadic Sapien

Winded your way uphill from Montrose, CO to Gunnison, CO.  Hauled ourselves over the top of 2 major passes today.


 It was a tenacious uphill battle on both mountain passes, especially Cerro pass.


Once over we rode down to Blue Mesa Reservoir (fun fact: the largest body of water in Colorado) at 20 miles long.  Ridding along the lake felt and looked very similar to Utah with it’s lack of vegetation and jagged canyon walls.

Blue Mesa reservoir

 Following along the edge of the Gunnison river we found a camp spot right next to it.  It’s graduation weekend here in Gunnison, a full house.

Gunnison river

Also check out one of links new page links called “where are we today?” Located at the top page bar.  It shows our progress across the USA and roughly the direction we have taken thus far to get where we are.  We will update it when we can.


Slowly Gradually Getting There

Headed downhill today from Ophir, CO to Montrose, CO.  What a ride the best weather day we have had yet in colorado.

Ophir, CO

 We decided to celebrate this change by traveling 80 some odd miles.  Made it up and over the Dallas Divide and down the hill.

Sneffeles mountain Range, CO

We shot the gap between rain storms and made it dry all the way to Montrose.  A pretty hip town for Colorado and we shall embrace.


To hell you ride

Uphill and down from Rico, CO to Telluride, CO to Ophir, CO?  Ridding through snow storms, on and off flurries, today.  Made it to lizard head pass, our first mountain range pass in Colorado today.  It was up there  over 10,000ft  and a sweet ride, cold though it be with snow every where.

Lizard head pass CO

Froze our way down in the snow storm to telluride.  Beautiful town, like the Yosemite of the Rockies but with a twist to it.  We were offered a place to stay in Ophir, CO unbeknownst   to us  we had  had it earlier that morning on the mountain.  So we headed back uphill to the great town of Ophir, CO.   The weather was now beautiful and saw Wilson peak in its prime.  For those Coors beer drinkers out there it is printed right on the can.  As cold as the Rockies.

Wilson peak, CO

Thank you to john with Lizard head cycling  guides for being a gratuitous host and friend to Tyler and I.  his kindness, amongst others, along this trip have been one of the things that motivate us to continue on down the rode.

Ophir, CO

 We look forward to our future collaborations with lizard head cycling guides.


Mother Nature is hot! 🙂

Headed uphill from Dolores, CO to Rico, CO.  The day started off normal enough, we saw some beautiful countryside  and a lot of elk. Elk in Rico, CO Soon though a blizzard rolled over top of us in Rico and we were snowed in.  So we talked it up with some locals and we followed there directions to a natural hot spring near by.  Snow coming down hard all around us Tyler and I  stripped down and jumped right into the hot spring, it  had to be 102 degrease. Rico, CO hot spring The perfect tempeture for a cold snowy day.  We loved it so much we are even camping next  to the hot spring tonight and hope to get an early start tomorrow before the next storm hits.  we will warm up in the spring before we hit the rode. Rico, CO  hot spring


Rode from Dove Creek, CO to Dolores, CO.  Rained on us half of the ride today, but no worries because when the sun came out a golden eagle posted next to us and we got some great footage of it. Golden eagle, CO Once the rain lifted we saw the Rockies for the first time today and were stocked for the adventures to come.

Rocky Mountains, CO

Came across some touring bikers who are riding down to monument valley.  One of the bikers owns a bike shop in Telluride, CO and offered us a place to sleep when we get there in a few days.  Also we came across a biking kiwi (from New Zealand) today.  He started out in Tennessee and is headed to San Francisco.  Today is our 1 month day out here on the rode and also we have officially travelled 1/3 of our journey today, 1,200 miles.  So we are off to a local pub to drink some beers and share stories, in celebration, with our kiwi friend. image


Rocky mountain high

Peddled up stream today from Blanding, UT to Dove Creek, CO.  Soaked to the bone today but were pumped on crossing another border. The landscape changes between Utah and Colorado were quick to change.  It feels like another country here, with lush green rolling hills and good small town vibes.  Posted up in a dugout for the night, hanging our socks on the fence to dry as a local little league takes the field for a practice.

Fresh snow cap monticello

The gate

Horse near dove creek, CO


We stinko de Mayo

Rode from natural bridges national monument, UT to Blanding UT. Headed out from camp today and rode to natural bridges national monument.  We hiked down to Saipapu natural bridge, the largest one in the park if not the world. Siaipapu natural bridges UT Then headed uphill almost all day on the bikes, except for a brief 10 mile downhill till we hit Comb range.  Comb pass was a challenge but we powered up bank walls and came out on the other side. image Rode up some steep hills till we summited at Blanding.  invited to a fiesta to celebrate the cinco with some locals we met entering town.  Ole! image


The grandest canyon of them all
Started downhill from hog springs towards Powell lake.
Powell lake, UT
 It was practically empty as we rode down to it.  Crossed a bridge over the flowing colorado river.  To see some of the northern end of the Grand Canyon was a moment of inspiration for the both of us.  All along the road we smelt the dry hot air, but what was intriguing was the slight whiffs of red cherry cough drops on the wind.  The aroma coming from a specific desert flower.  Next we headed up hill through the white canyon all day.
Bridge spanning colorado river, UT
The uphill grind was non stop and we did not even finish it today.  With only 20 miles to go we decided to camp next to cheese box hill in hideout canyon.  The camp site is hot but the quietest yet, with nothing but the buzz of the distant passing motorist. Home on the range.
Dirty little devil river, UT


Freedom for the imagination – traveling through dreamscapes – morphing canyon canvas
Traversed from caineville, UT to hog springs picnic area, UT.
Made our way along the Fremont river through a lunar like landscape this morning.
Stark grey, crater like formations, bridging the gap from Cainesville and Hanksville, was truly as desolate and void of life as the moon.  All the wile traveling through multi colored canyons and heading out into the desert plains of Utah.  Dodging snakes on the road and coming upon an abandoned Winabango in the middle of the desert.
Utah Winnebago
Dipping into to the poison springs canyon.  We slowed down to a near stop, soaking in the morphing walls of Marinus canyon.  It truly felt like a famous picturesque seen from a movie not made yet. Camping tonight in hog springs and sleeping out on the picnic tables.  Should prove to be a rewarding night sleeping out under the stars.


Rubber necking at rock faces
 Twin rocks Capitol reef, UT
Traveled down hill today from Grover, UT to caineville, UT.  Rode trough capital reef national park’s twisty curvey canyons.  Seeing the red chimney rocks towering around  jagged 1000ft yellow canyon walls.
Chimney rock capitol reef, UT
Cliff faces with colors of red, blue, green, white, yellow and black stripped through the surrounding hills.  A relaxing ride with petroglyphs along the canyon walls.
Petroglyphs Capitol reef, UT
Hiked through the grand wash trail, ducking and weaving up the creek bed and riding out of the park into the jagged badlands, where monoliths and dirt rest.
Fremont river, UT
Camping on a musical river bend on the Fremont river.  It sounds just like one of those relaxation tapes, with animal noises of pheasants rasping, beavers chewing on trees and all.


Elevated to the next plateau
 Calf creek
Rode from Escalante, UT to Oak Creek Campground (12 miles east of Boulder, UT)
 Said good by to the parents this mourning as we both rode off in different directions and headed to Escalante river.  The descent into the canyon was exhilarating as there were no guard rails on hair pin turns on canyon cliff walls down into the lush valley of where the Escalante river and Calf creek meet.  We climbed up steepest rode yet called the hogback and ascended onto hell’s backbone rd.  hell’s backbone was following the top of a plateau, so narrow that the bike lanes edged out to the canyon walls on both sides.
 We then rode through Boulder, UT and up a pass that easily made our top tree hardest climbs of the trip.  It took us 4 hrs to make it to the summit of 9,600ft and froze in the icy wind blowing head on, all the way up.  Sometimes stopping us in our tracks.  Sailed down the backside (with as many layers on as possible) to campground that overlooks
Near summit of the Baldy's in Boulder, UT
The picturesque Capital Reef in the background.  In freezing temperatures we finished the day with the all time classic roasting beans and weenies over a campfire.


Walking tree Bryce Canyon, ut Stayed in Escalante, UT today with our parents, who surprised us and drove out here to visit with us before we had ridden any farther east.  Hiked in Bryce Canyon national park with them and saw natural bridges. Walking tree at Bryce Canyon, ut We then made it over to Willis creek and hiked through a slot canyon and followed the creek.  Had a great day and we are getting right on the bikes again tomorrow to continue the adventure. Willis creek, ut


Henrieville, UT Made it from Bryce Canyon national park to Escalante, Ut. Rode up our steepest hill yet, though it wasn’t very tall, it still was a haul to get over.  When we did though we had one of the greatest views of the grand staircase and crazed down into some beautiful canyon country. Grand staircase, UT Staying in escalante, UT for tomorrow to clean up and hike in some of the local national parks.  The parents surprised us and are here in Escalante with us.  They decided to drive out here and meet us and tour some of the parks with us tomorrow as well. HWY 12, UT


Red canyon UT Biked along the Sevier river this morning and headed into red canyon and saw some of our first rock formations unique to Utah.  Crossed a plague into Bryce Canyon national park.  Talk about mind blowing, the day was going well but it got 10 times better when we decided to get off the bikes and descended into the maze arches, hoodoos and spires. Bryce Canyon UT We explored for hours in awe of the scale and detail of the rock formations and color.  Tyler was wearing his German beer jersey today on the bluff and a German couple yelled ” Good beer!”  Turns out there from the neighboring  town of alpirsbach and even knew some of Tyler’s friends there.  WHOA!  Tyler also got interviewed by a park ranger and our journey will be featured in summer camp activities. Sunrise point Bryce Canyon UT


Zion national park Climbed the mountain from cedar city, UT to Hatch, UT.  Today was our biggest climb yet, 9,570 ft to top where we gazed upon Zion national park’s epic terrain. The pass to Cedar breaks national park was indeed closed, so we took the alternate route on SR 14. We rode through snow topped mountains to the valley below and saw some beautiful forrest land.  The new bike  seats are working out great and had only to do minor adjustments to dial them in, could not be happier with them.

Utah near hatch


Red canyon wall Traveled from Minersville, UT to Cedar city, UT.  We had a restless night do to some locals riding around it the dark around midnight.  Looking for there friend who ran by our tent, yelling, in the middle of the night.  Causing such a ruckus even the sheriff came by and was wondering what was going on.  They all left us alone and were very polite, assuring us everything was fine and they went on there way, not to be heard from the rest of the evening.  The next morning we rode off and over a summit and slowly down into cedar city, UT.  Passing by a large heard of horses grazing nearby. Cedar city horses We made it into town.  tyler and i couldn’t take it any more and bought some different bicycle seats, with more padding.  the ones we are riding on are not softening at all.  After we resupplied  for the mountains we will be going through in Utah and found out our pass was still closed do to snow and won’t be open till the Memorial day, a whole month away.  So we had some help from the local visiting center docent, who gave us a detailed map of the area and showed us an alternate route that would allow us to bypass the snowy summit and reconnect with our previously decided path through Utah.  Now worries and we get to see some different parts of the country we would not have seen otherwise if we had gone the other way.  We just won’t be able to ride through Cedar Breaks National Monument. Tyler cooking in coal creek We rode up into Red Rock Canyon to stay the night next to the river fork of Coal Creek and Right Hand Creek, prime real state.


Rode from the Wah Wah mountains to Minersville, UT.  Climbed up the San Francisco range and just before going down the backside to Milford, UT stopped off at the ghost town of Frisco. Frisco, UT homestead ruins They had some great ruins there and some very cool charcoal kilns, used to make coal for the miners in the hills. Charcoal kilns of Frisco Rode through the escalate desert and witnessed a real life shoe tree. Shoe tree in escalate desert


Nevada Utah border Rode from Great Basin National Park, NV to 10 miles out of the town Milford, UT, in the Wah Wah mountain range.  Rode across the Nevada / Utah border and switched over to Mountain time.  It is great sense of accomplishment to have 2 states done and 9 left to go.  Came upon a family operated sheep sheering roundup. Utah sheep sheering They were sheering off the sheep’s winter coats and getting them ready to move to there summer feeding grounds.  We got right in the action, saddled up some horses and played with some wild bearded dragons.  Saw some more antelope today and they ran along the fence near the rode we were on, eventually crossing in front of us.  we tried to beat them to the crossing but they were fast and by the time we got there they had already done so and were gone like ghosts on the prairie.   Went over three ranges today and the last one Wah Wah pass was one of the most grinding yet.  2 hours of low gears and blind corners that led into false summits.  it was a physical and mental challenge, but reaching the top it was a reassuring feat.  We were beat but at the top was a truck that had passed by earlier and was waiting for us.  In it was a friendly couple giving a lift to a man named Greg.  Greg was from Holland and he was doing a mountain bike tour from Las Vegas, NV through southern Utah and Nevada and back to Las Vegas again.  They gave us a beer and shared there stories with us.  After such a steep hill it was much appreciated.  The personal connections that we have made throughout this journey so far have been extremely motivating and inspiring.  Our interest are peaked and the adventure has just begun. Utah's famous skateboarding cows Got to watch out for those skateboarding cows in the valley just before the Wah Wah range.


Great Basin national park Rode today from Ely, NV to the base of Great Basin National Park. Had a great breakfast at Nevada hotel where waitress gave us a deal on the special. Rode over two of the roughest passes yet in Nevada. Conner’s pass and Sacramento pass. Grueling uphill battles and steep ascents all the way. Passing through the valley to Great Basin National Park saw a large wind farm of huge wind turbines and camped out at the base of the mountain of the park. Tyler hoped into some of the tractors left there and got some great shots and climbed a picturesque mountain. image

Tyler in Great Basin


Ruth Robinson mine Traveled to Ely, NV today, short ride today but we are taking the half day off and are staying at the historic Nevada hotel tonight to recharge and clean up.  the hotel Nevada is the oldest in the state with the first elevator.  Passed the Ruth Robinson project (mine).  Huge man made mountain of dirt fill from the open pit.  For dinner we had biscuit and gravy and margaritas.  Couldn’t  pass up free and cheap food.  In the casino we ran into a man today named bradley.  A gold tycoon who bought us a pizza and shared some stories with us in honor of our journey. image

Ghost town

Abandoned mine


Antelope, NV The ride today took us from just west of eureka, NV through the town and out to the back side of the Butte mountain range, next to the illiah creek.  This location is halfway (roughly) between eureka, NV and Ely, NV.  Crossed 2 mountain ranges and 2 valley’s today.  Saw a total of 6 antelope today and one off them (a lone buck) let me get within 100 ft of him and i got some great up close footage.  Climbed the Butte mountain range in 1 hr and neither one of us took a break the whole ride up (grueling) but a personal best.  Camping out in the high desert wilderness tonight and hope to see a great meteorite shower tonight.  It is supposed to be a good one so get out there and take a look, it’s going on all night and tomorrow night. ~Cody Pony express station, NV


Lone mountain camp, NV Today. Rode from Austin to almost Eureka, NV.  We were just 10 miles short from making the town.  So we camped next to lone mountain at the end of bean flat.  Which by the way Bean flat is huge and it took us 3 hours to cross on bike.  Saw some free range horses galloping around and a bald eagle.  The ride down the back side of the Toiyabe mountain range was fantastic.  Our camp ground was epic views and we even had a campfire. A desert arbor day Today was Arbor Day so Tyler made friends  with the tree out in the desert.


Toiyabe mountain,NV We booked it from Westgate to Austin, NV.  A total of 78 miles, in one day!  One of the most grueling rides yet, but the most rewarding landscapes.  We traveled from basin to range to fault line, again and again.  Varying  from 1k to 2k inclines and descents on the mountains.  We saw remnants old mail post stations, crossed the pony express and abandoned farms here and there. Toiyabe marsh lands Crossing salt flats, and hearing sonic booms from the fighter jets flying high over head out of Fallon Air Force base.  We even saw our first antelope today, there was only one by himself. First antelope Life on the road tip 1:  Wear bright colors while biking and wear camo colors while stealth camping.


Grimes point petroglyphs Today we sweated it out from Fallon to westgate, NV.  Our solar panel is working good out here.  We stopped off at grimes point, where there were some cool looking petroglyphs, some over 7,000 years old, and caves. When we got to westgate we did not know what to expect.  The bar/convince store was amazing and old school. Westgate barWestgate bar front The bar was covered in one dollar bills that people had signed and put up on the ceiling Over the years.  The oldest bill there was from 1923. Ceiling of westgate bar Look for our blog dollar on the ceiling as well, since it now is adorned there to. Blog dollar westgate bar More photos added to the stills page of todays ride, so check them out.


Sorry about not posting yesterday, there was very little cell coverage, so accessing the blog was impossible.  But the post is up now.  Today we bike from Virginia city to Fallon, NV.  A long hall and windy day, the high was 50 degrees.  Followed the HWY 50 to there and went through some sparse desert country.  Beautiful country and so different from California country side. image Storage building in Fallon Casino in save art in Fallon I loved the fact that they even have a mini casino inside the savemart’s in Neveada.


Today we bike from Carson city to Virginia city.  30 miles, a short ride by all means, but the last 8 miles were strait up, and doing it during snow flurries made it a long hall.  The town police department was kind enough to let us lock up our bikes at the station while we walked down town. Virginia city Being a old west themed town, it was sufficed to say, it was a cool old town.  There will be more pictures of Virginia city in the stills page of the website.  Locals dress up a cowboys an wear real guns on there hips around town.  Some great old bars, like”bucket of blood saloon” and “red dog saloon” Red dog saloon, Virginia city We stayed the night near sugarloaf mountain and we slept, in our tents, with our bikes inside.  It snowed that evening, no more than 1/4″ but enough to warrant worry for the bikes being outside.  All in all a great day and can’t wait to go back again some day. Virginia city


Carson city motel Snowed all through the night and woke up to a snowy campsite.  rode to the next town over.  Waiting out the weather in Carson city today.  Blizzarding like a fiend outside.  We’re drying out the gear and filled up the whole room today.  Wen’t to downtown to check out a bike shop, sunny sky’s, shorts and all.  Came out and it was snowing the next.  Got soaked on the way back.


Carson pass

Sorry we haven’t been posting recently, but we have been out cell service up at kirkwood.  so tonight you get an update from the last 2 days.  Today we danced on top of Carson pass and bid it farewell, with a 3000ft downhill ride.  So many sites and sounds in the past couple of days…we will post some more videos and pictures tomorrow.  When we have better Internet. Red lake valley West fork Carson river. Nevada border Crossing the Nevada / California state boarders.  All desert for the next week.


image Made it to kirkwood today, it was a chilly ride and snow everywhere.  The lifts were running and people  shredding the gnar everywhere. image The campsite at kirkwood was perfect and surround by snow.  It got down to 26 degrees during the night and we had to shake off the layer of ice from the igloo (tent). image Cody capturing the alpine mountains on camera.


After yesterday’s 3 flat tires, today’s brake at Cooks Station was much needed. image image -cody


Cooks station sunset  Camping at cooks station

Climbed 5000ft And were taking the day off to hike a trail in el dorado national Forrest.  Tomorrow we ride to kirkwood and then we are almost to the back side of the sierras And almost through California.


Going up!

Today we rode from Folsom, CA to Placerville, CA.  Lots of hills up and down and beautiful country side.  Starting to see some pine trees, we have almost made it to the Sierra Nevada national Forest.  It was a fun climb in elevation, roughly around 1,500ft today alone and many thousand feet more to come.  We found a very friendly local and he offered us his land to sleep on tonight.  It was so nice of him and we greatly appreciated it.  Tomorrow we continue the climb, we will let you know how far we get in miles then.


image  image Started the day with a new perspective.  Climbed the tallest red wood in the quad at Davis.  We rode along next to the american river today.  were camping out next to Folsom prison tonight With the sky glowing from the prison lights.  There was a helicopter flying around earlier, hope it doesn’t mean anything.



Great pit stop at Ali Baba’s today. Turns out Ali is a biker himself and hooked us up with some  brewskis.  The kindness of strangers is refreshing.  We highly recommend Ali Baba’s for a friendly welcome and a good time.

-Tyler and Cody



 Wow! Day one was action packed!!!!! Got lost just the once and we found this really fun snake because of it, so did we really get lost ……. Nawww.  Made it 40 miles today no problem with the help of Fluid performance drinks.  Photo/Cowboy on the ridge above six flags Vallejo, CA. 4/6/13

I got this fortune cookie from my favorite chinese food place in Fresno just before I let for the trip.  I felt it was very appropriate for the upcoming trek.




Cody and I are going to be interviewed Friday April 5th in regards to our bicycle trip. So turn on and tune in to KMPH channel 26 at 8:40am.


Go Pro HERO 3 Black

go pro HERO 3 black Thank you REI for having your annual used gear sales!!!!! Picked up this flawless go pro for $70 bucks at the sale, only 20 days old and used once. Really diggin the remote option!


The Mini Wet Suit

Wrong piece

REI online shipment surprised with a mini wet suit today.  Not sure what to do with it.  I don’t think this will be very efficient on the bike ride.  Not quiet like the bike shorts I was expecting.  It provided a lot of laughs though. 🙂


Happy Friday

032913200704 Got run off the road today and my phone got bucked off it’s holster into the middle of the highway.  Turfed!


My name is Tyler Kyle, I am a recent graduate from the California Polytechnic State University Graphic Design program. My brother Cody, age 25 and myself, age 23 are preparing to embark on the adventure of a lifetime, a bicycle trip across America. My brother is in the film making industry having received a BA in Telecommunications at the California State University of Monterey Bay. We have both been working for the past two years, myself as Art Director for Emersion Design and Marketing and my brother for a commercial video advertisement agency by the name of Ad Venture. We are both Eagle scouts and between the two of us we have acquired a unique set of skills, thriving under extreme situations, in the business world and out in the wild. As young professionals and adventurers, our journey is not designed, to see how fast we can get across the United States, but it is to film the trip in a documentary fashion and capture the hidden beauties that are the best things in life. We are making this documentary “A Positive Mind in Every State” to better promote who we are and what we can do. When the ride is finished and we have edited the film, we plan to present it to a number of advertising agencies and enter it into film festivals. From this we hope to gain credibility and sponsorship from other companies to continue making documentaries. Through our course of 100 days we will be traveling approximately 3,800 mile journey we will experience climate extremes of all kinds, such as deserts, back country, rivers, lakes and oceans. We will be out there in it, leaving from San Francisco on April 7th, 2013 where we will be posting something (hopefully) every day.  Stay tuned and stay fly.



hhhh Today we got our motivational blog stickers and plopping them in hot spots around town.  Check them out at REI and in the bike shops around Fresno, CA and along the bike route of our journey.   They are the america bike trail, green image above.  Keep your eyes peeled, you never know when you will see them and let us know when you do.

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  1. My brother snd I passed u on Brices creek in new bern.. my brother is the person u met at tge gas station Iin fort barnwell. If u need a place to shower or a warm meal. You are more than welcomed.

  2. You made it to Beaufort and the Atlantic Ocean. Congratulations on completing your journey. Very proud of you guys. Can’t wait for you to get back to California and share your amazing story.

  3. Congrats to both of you!!! Love the way you finished the adventure. Look forward to your return to Fresno and let me know if you need to pick up a few hours of work. 😉 BTW, you are welcome to utilize our edit bay to work on your documentary. I think you would know how to run it. 😉

  4. I miss the new additions to your blog!
    Maybe you can give a surfing reports, or something, i am going through withdrawal!

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